Meri Penopause on Men

My honey from the day we met has been opening doors,walks on the street-side of the sidewalk and still opens the car door for me every time – and I love it! Men are people just like you and me…It’s okay to get to know someone better,the two of you can investigate if it flow with it and let things unfold as they happen…you don’t have to rush into anything and you don’t have to put up walls either,just be . . . →Read More:Meri Penopause on Men

Meri Moments –With Age Comes….

No Honey I said,“With ages comes BEAUTY,not BOOTIE!”

Ever notice when you’re trying to talk these days,the fellow in the room seems to hear what he wants to hear?

It is true,you know,beauty comes with age. It’s an oft mis-understood thing,‘beauty’because for many years you’re convinced it’s all . . . →Read More:Meri Moments –With Age Comes….