Meri Moments –Crossed Laughter!

No no,I don’t ALWAYS stand with my legs crossed like this –but I’m having SOOOOOO much fun tonight. You know me,finding humour in everything….


…laughing makes me pee!

Meri Moments –The Body


“Hello,Women’s Gym”says the nice voice on the phone.

“Hi,I am wondering if you can help me?”says I

“Certainly,what can I do for you?”

“I want to recover a body.”I proclaim.

“Excuse me?”says the confused voice….

“Well,I had this really incredible body with a small butt, . . . →Read More:Meri Moments –The Body

Meri Moments –Memory vs Hearing

No,Honey –I said…

“I’m having erratic ovulations.”


“She’s an erotic Haitian”

Meri Moments –Can't Sleep!

Their Night!

“Come here and keep me warm. Now move away,I’m hot –no,not that kind of hot! Say,can you come back here and keep me warm,please? Augh,move over to your own side,I’m too hot to cuddle. Sigh,brrr it’s suddenly chilly in here! Honey,Wake-up,you’re snoring – . . . →Read More:Meri Moments –Can't Sleep!

Meri Moments –Belly Math

• 15 yrs old | no sit ups = a flat belly • 20’s | 50 sit ups a day + 3 beer = a six-pack belly • 30’s | 3 kids + 100 sit ups a day + 2 litres of water = a small mixing bowl sized belly and wider hips • 40’s . . . →Read More:Meri Moments –Belly Math

Meri Moments –The Party!

Ever have a moment? You know the kind,you’re attending a party and you see a good friend you’ve known for over ten years. The companion beside you is new to the crowd and hanging on to the protected security of your presence. You and your good friend make eye contact,they smile brightly and . . . →Read More:Meri Moments –The Party!