Celebrating Tuesday

Did you know that Walt Disney Studios was officially founded on February 8,1926 – I don’t know,it seems to me that all sexy,fun and enlightened women would find cause to celebrate the opening of the very thing that for years kept their . . . →Read More:Celebrating Tuesday

Old=Old School Etiquette Leading to Respect

respect_sqAs a bride who is no longer in her twenties and edging close to 50 I have to admit,I do like things a bit traditional.

I am not stuffy,by any stretch of the imagination and am . . . →Read More:Old=Old School Etiquette Leading to Respect

Wedding,At My Age?

wedding-cake-topper-bicycleWhat do you think of when you hear the word wedding?

Most folks think of young skinny brides in long flowing dresses and young men in tux and tails. They think of showers and bridesmaids,of a life-time . . . →Read More:Wedding,At My Age?

The Boat Of Life

Let your boat of life be light,packed with only what you need – a homely home and simple pleasures,one or two friends,worth the name,someone to love and someone to love you,a cat,a dog,and a pipe or two,enough to eat and enough to wear,and a little more . . . →Read More:The Boat Of Life

Changing Direction!

When we are young we practice putting things on…

make-up mom’s fancy shoes princess clothes fancy hats

And we look so pretty

Then we get older and we have to work at making things go away:

exfoliating cream foot scrub lazer hair removal (on the face,no less!) wrinkle minimizer

And we look so pretty!

. . . →Read More:Changing Direction!

How Sweet It Is!

“The older the fiddler,the sweeter the tune.” — English Proverb ♥ It’s not the years that count……it’s how SWEET the tune!!!! (And at my age we are talking SWEEEEEEET!)

OMG The Coffee!!!!

I bet you know what it’s like to awaken drowsy and sleeping and stumble your way down to the coffee maker,right?

That’s right,you know you will wake up and become the incredible and fabulous woman you are just as soon as you down that first cup of coffee and you let that warm, . . . →Read More:OMG The Coffee!!!!

Shake Off That Rattling Chain of Definition!!

Well,gorgeous and incredible women of talent and life! Here you are!

You have cleaned house,changed and washed diapers,laughed through tragedy,cried with compassion and hugged with love and passion. You have brought emotion where none existed and you have transformed yourself time and again to fit into the mold someone else has . . . →Read More:Shake Off That Rattling Chain of Definition!!

What Do You Mean Getting Old?

Been a long while since the old gal has been on here,spring has been screaming my name! I spent last Friday evening out at the pub and I got to thinking…

You know,we all go through moments when we take a hard look in the mirror and a screaming voice in our head . . . →Read More:What Do You Mean Getting Old?

Where Are Those Darned Shoes?

What am I really looking for,my shoes or my mind? . . . →Read More:Where Are Those Darned Shoes?