Meri PenopauseHi,My name is Meri Penopause! I’m just a woman experiencing life’s journey MY way,no excuses,no apologies – just me! A normal woman made crazy by the life changes that hit the body at the very same time I finally found  myself! I’m celebrating that craziness by wearing purple,with a red hat that doesn’t go and sliding in on my own two feet. Sure,one heel may be broken and I tore my dress in the slide,but hey – what’s a ride if you don’t have evidence? Come along with me as I sojourn through life’s everyday things in everyday ways.

I decided to write a blog because everyone else was doing it…that and I can never remember where the hell I left the last piece of paper I wrote on! This should help me keep track of it all,share it out with a whole whack of people I don’t know (and might never meet) and basically document for the world what a blast it is to take life as it’s handed,one crazy moment at a time! So,is it a mistake to write a blog? Nah,what the hell is life all about if you aren’t going to share it out with reams of people who don’t really care?

Favourite Quote:

“The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they are okay,then it’s you!” ~Rita Mae Brown

Stop taking life so seriously – yup – every inch of your aging little body is changing and mutating into the LAST thing you want it to be,but what do you expect life to do? Hasn’t it always thrown curve balls just when you think you’ve got it figured? Roll with the punches,baby,because you’ve got no bloody choice!