Bypassing Your Health

Life is crazy sometimes,you run through this world just trying to get ahead,to make ends meet and for some reason you lose track of time.  Then one day you wake up,wander into the bathroom and catch a glance in the mirror… and you do a double-take.

When the hell did that happen?

Staring back at you is an image you hardly recognize,bags under the eyes,crow’s feet on either side plus more grey hairs you can even begin to count.  Your eyes slowly make their way down and for the first time in your life you notice back fat… WHAT?  Really,back fat, a big bold solid wrinkle telling you your fat has nowhere to go because it is now wrinkling down on top of itself.

That is when you begin to take stock.  You look closely at yourself and start to count the  things in your life that hold meaning,the kids,the house,the accomplishments,your business… and then you wonder,when did all those things come before my own health?  My answer lies in what I love…

This week my senior mother is fighting to gain enough strength to go through open heart surgery and undergo a triple bypass.  We hear those two words spoken so often now days we fail to realize that a “bypass” means they are bypassing her current arteries –which are so blocked up she cannot get blood to her heart –by replacing or bypassing them using veins from her legs.  To get in there and do this work… they need to open up her chest.

This is a wake-up call for all of us,her children,who may very well find that a hereditary artery issue could affect each of us physically.  And yet…I sit here working,writing,typing,coding,creating,because it is my comfort zone.  I know what I have to do,I need a lifestyle change and I need it now,because at almost 50 there is a good chance I am already well on my way to the very same problem.

I love food,I love sauces and butter and all those things that a person with heart issues in their family should not eat.  I adore cooking for others,and I cook like my mom cooked.  We love the taste of gourmet and in my house we especially love shrimp slathered in all things bad for us.  I love all of the things that may very well be blocking up my arteries and creating havoc with my body.  I love to paint,to write,to coach,to build lesson plans and talks and to take photos.  I love to sit in a chair in the sun and wrap myself up in a fabulous story or to study human nature and behavior.  I love to learn,to gain knowledge and I love to spend time sitting with other people as they share the stories of their lives.

All of these are sedentary activities.

I have never enjoyed team sports,never found satisfaction in exercise,or joy in going for a run or working out in any way.  I simply do not enjoy them… and that has the potential to kill me.  I want the joy,the enjoyment and the satisfaction of living a life doing things I love…. And here is the great dichotomy,by living a life doing things I love,I could be dying.

And so…

Motivation to do what I do not love is hard to muster,even at a time when I know I must.  How to start,where to start,what to do first,which is best and least boring or painful…these thoughts are all running through my head.  Most of the activities I do are because I am alone a lot of the time.  My husband works long hours,I work out of my home and I can count on one hand the number of friends I ever actually see in person.

I do not know anyone in my area to get started with,I have no accountability partner to make sure I do and I do not like the cold.  But I must start,must find something I can do that gets my heart pumping,that encourages me to drink more water,that gets me working hard to get off this growing rear-end and make myself move,because my life depends on it.  I have the power to fight right now at this very moment,and would much prefer this fight than the one I am watching my beautiful,amazing mother fight.

So,where to start…

I would love ideas for what keeps all of you Motivated – please share…



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