Yoo Hoo,Glasses…

I love glasses,they help me read.  Every year they get a little stronger,but the beauty of it is that because they are just for reading…I don’t have to buy expensive ones.  What I do buy are all kinds of colours and shapes and sizes,that way when I am out they will match my outfits.  (Small pleasures are important as we get older)

Here is the problem I face…I can never find the damned things –one would think that when there are 8 pair of glasses kicking around,when I most need them I could find them.  So last night I sit down at my computer and sure enough…. there are 4 pair.  Then I went through the purse –another 4.

Sure didn’t help me when I wanted to read in bed!  At this age,I refuse to leave sexy and put strings on them…. not going to do it!  (I need exercise,right?) Oh,a hunting I will go…..

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