Wedding,At My Age?

wedding-cake-topper-bicycleWhat do you think of when you hear the word wedding?

Most folks think of young skinny brides in long flowing dresses and young men in tux and tails.  They think of showers and bridesmaids,of a life-time filled with new dreams and opportunities and of cakes prettier than the fanciest of lace.

What most people don’t think of is middle-aged,slightly over weight,people with grown children.

So when one is shopping for a wedding dress as a middle-aged,slightly over weight woman,it can be rather discouraging to learn that you have two choices.  You can either look like an older woman trying to pretend she is in her twenties or you can slide one of those truly awful (who makes that crap,anyway?) matronly mother of the bride dresses in a slightly neutral pale mauve over your head while it hangs like it is still sitting on the line!

So bridal shop owners –47 yards of fabric on a size 14 body does not equate to making a woman feel beautiful and gorgeous.

Equally so –making a woman who is sized 14 slide on a mauve gunny sack does not make her feel beautiful either!

So when you are doing your ordering picture,if you will,one or two people walking into your store wanting a dress that may not be floor length,that might not be made with 47 yards of fabric and may not be white!  Imagine,just for a minute,something from a great designer that screams –Elegant,Classy,and something a not-so-skinny Audrey Hepburn might wish to slide on so that when her very wonderful man is down at the other end of the isle watching her walk toward him his breath is held,his heart skips a beat and he cannot imagine for one single minute that another human being is even in the room!

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