Old=Old School Etiquette Leading to Respect

respect_sqAs a bride who is no longer in her twenties and edging close to 50 I have to admit,I do like things a bit traditional.

I am not stuffy,by any stretch of the imagination and am pretty open to a lot of things…but I have to admit there is a certain “aesthetic”that means something to me.

So,when coaching my own children as they are entering that era where all their friends are getting married,I suggest they (as wedding attendants) always check with the bride and groom to make certain of their feelings about how the wedding party is to look.

Here are some suggestions….

  1. Piercings.  You have the right to do and look as you please,it is your body and your life.  However,being respectful of the bride and groom,of their families and guests,it might be a good idea to check and see if that is a day you can remove your piercings to make everyone feel comfortable.
  2. Hair.  It grows back!  If your hair is scraggly or long or you look more like you are living on the street than going to a wedding,be respectful enough to wash,tie it back,put it up or cut it depending on what makes you feel most comfortable while still respecting the bride and groom.
  3. Attire:Chances are you will be asked to wear something special for the wedding,if shoes or accessories have not been mentioned,ask,find out what the other attendants are doing or what the bride and groom would prefer.
  4. Makeup and tattoos:  Try to avoid any tattoo splurges or parties that will alter the visible parts of your bodies until after you have taken part in the wedding.  What you think is a stunning work of art may cause the Bride’s Grandma to become very agitated and upset.

And by all means drop the “They should accept me as I am”or “It’s my body and I have the right to do anything I want.”attitude,because this bride and groom and their families are paying thousands of dollars for the picture perfect day.  It is NOT about YOU it is about THEM.  If you are close enough to be asked to become part of the wedding party,then you certainly are close enough to have respect for the bride and groom and their families.

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