Shake Off That Rattling Chain of Definition!!

Well,gorgeous and incredible women of talent and life!  Here you are!

You have cleaned house,changed and washed diapers,laughed through tragedy,cried with compassion and hugged with love and passion.  You have brought emotion where none existed and you have transformed yourself time and again to fit into the mold someone else has created for you!  You have allowed the world to define you – Wife,Mother,Grandmother,Student,Girlfriend,but never just YOU!

Now is the time – shake off that rattling chain of definition and shine.  Define yourself!  Here you are with all your wisdom,talent,experience,heart,passion,and beautiful greatness.  You are packed full of all you need to show your vivacious,bodacious and shining self to the world.  Here is what to do.

Empty your backpack of memories of any spoiled milk and rotting apples,toss that bag into the washer and refill it with the gratitude and gratefulness of every cherished and amazing memory you can find.  Chuck out the garbage that does not inspire,enthuse and energize.  Move directly to GO and get yourself a cheeky fun and energetic attitude.

WHY?  Because life is waiting for YOU – show the world how to treat YOU and continue to BE that shining star,that women of presence that joyful and gorgeous woman you KNOW is inside.  Leave behind the bitter,the angry,the pissy,and the sad and make a choice – TODAY – to grow into just who you want to be.  Then practice it until you live it without thought!


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