OMG The Coffee!!!!

I bet you know what it’s like to awaken drowsy and sleeping and stumble your way down to the coffee maker,right?

That’s right,you know you will wake up and become the incredible and fabulous woman you are just as soon as you down that first cup of coffee and you let that warm,dark java slide into your veins waking up every bit of you.  Some mornings you don’t even want to shower first,the coffee is the bomb and you are looking for the explosion!

Today was just such a morning,wearing my sexiest brown fuzzy housecoat and barely able to open my eyes,I began the tasks involved with making that first pot of coffee…mmmmm sweet anticipation!


3 scoops of coffee,check!

Fill Carafe with water,check!

Pour water into back of coffee maker,check!

Turn on Coffee pot,check!

Walk away in anticipatory glee,waiting for enough to pour forth to pull pot out and grab that first warm,wonderful dark liquid!

So back into the kitchen I go,excited to partake in my first morning coffee and WHAT?

Sure enough,another Meri Moment –the step I missed…….


Put coffee carafe back under filter basket,OOOPPPPPSSSSS!

Coffee and grounds are slowly running their course discovering the dips and tilts in the counter creating a lovely coffee river headed gravitationally toward the small space between the counter and the fridge….. YIKES!

Ever wonder why when you are having a Meri Moment,your brain seems to have taken a vacation?

No worries,a clean-up,and a new pot and I am raring to go –only a small 30minute delay!!!!

Have a perfectly ground,sweet day!

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