Ode To Sir John Lusher

There is a keen Knight,Sir John is his name,

The making of others ‘renowned’ is his game.

He works like a horse in supporting success

For the clients he loves in every business.

His deep voice is calming,a rich southern drawl

That lifts and champions folks one and all.

His twitter persona and Facebook appeal

Are humble and gracious and simply ideal

For someone in his unique line of work

That helps throngs of people,from stuff that they shirk.

Stuff that they gladly put aside without care

For the importance of SEO,Social media fare!

This Knight is just brilliant in act and in thought

And gives of his time and talent a lot

To people who need him,time and again

At tweet-ups and conferences,like no other men

He gives solutions to all – truly a gift

So his client businesses will no longer drift.

Celebrate,champion,cheer to his task

Bear you a smile and lift up your flask.

Because our Knight Sir John Celebrates new

Another of years,birthdays are not few!!!

But age has no bearing,no sort of a curse

For his knowledge puts money right in your purse.

See,its experience that offers true results

Just ask the clients to whom he consults!

So,Sir John if you read this,be strongly aware,

We like that you’re old and losing your hair!

Happy Birthday from the two Soul Sisters!!!

You can find him at:

John Lusher Consulting
Helping businesses,individuals and organizations develop and use social media network tools to build long lasting relationships.

Web site  http://johnlusher.com
Twitter:  @johnlusher

1 comment to Ode To Sir John Lusher

  • Patti,

    The best Ode to anyone. Great writer. Quick wit. You are as dynamic as they come.

    xoxo My SS!!!

    JOHN -you old goat. Happy Birthday

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