Where Are Those Darned Shoes?

Okay,that’s it! Where are those darned shoes? Grrr,this drives me crazy,I HATE looking for things…so why am I doing it? I have one pair of shoes that will fit this outfit and I am late,I have no excuse for being late other than telling the world that I could not find my shoes.

What self-respecting adult woman uses that for an excuse? I have been everywhere,upstairs,down stairs – I have a shoe rack for crying out loud and they’re nowhere to be found! ARGH! Okay,now I am REALLY late and I have to say,I am NOT going to go if I am 5 minutes longer.

My shoes are bigger than my daughters’ feet,there is no way they could have borrowed them. Heck,I haven’t even had company who would have the right size for taking them. I LOVE things in order,I LOVE a place for everything,WHY are they not in their place????

AUGH,THERE they are…who on earth would wrap them into a plastic bag and shove them into the shoe cubby? Heck,no one but me cleans up around here…. sigh…it’s official,I am late AND I have lost my mind. Mind,Mind,where are you? Come back again,you used to be so bright and with it and could remember EVERYTHING! Helllooo,are you in there????

Time to make a late entrance – I HATE being late,but not to go would be an insult…. so this is why women of a certain age tend to be fashionably late. Life is like that,isn’t it? Perspective and compassion sometimes come to those who must feel the pain first before they understand. Oh Mama,now I understand some of the other women in our lives who have gone before us…and I love them all the more!

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