What Do You Mean Getting Old?

Been a long while since the old gal has been on here,spring has been screaming my name! I spent last Friday evening out at the pub and I got to thinking…

You know,we all go through moments when we take a hard look in the mirror and a screaming voice in our head says –‘OMG WHERE DID THIS OLD PERSON COME FROM?’ We analyze ourselves in disgusting detail all the time,picking apart each and every little thing about our looks until we’re decidedly certain we’re used up! And that’s so far from the truth!

I love getting older.

  • No more pleasing others at the expense of self
  • Knowing how to diplomatically speak my mind
  • Standing up for myself in situations where I know it’s right
  • Finally believing I’m worthy of being treated with dignity,grace and care
  • BEST OF ALL…loving all I’ve become

Guess what young ones…when the brutal insecurity and shallow surface impressions are all gone,the content’s what matters.  No sense filling a beautiful duvet cover with gravel –working on the content within is what makes me glad I am getting older;I’ve had a load more time to make that content the highest quality it can be.

ROCK your world and cherish all experience,because it’s building kick-butt content for becoming the most amazing woman you ever imagined!

Woo Hoo….. I’ll have a margarita please!

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