Meri Moments –With Age Comes….

No Honey I said,“With ages comes BEAUTY,not BOOTIE!”

Ever notice when you’re trying to talk these days,the fellow in the room seems to hear what he wants to hear?

It is true,you know,beauty comes with age.  It’s an oft mis-understood thing,‘beauty’because for many years you’re convinced it’s all about fitting into some crazy societal norm and you beat the living daylights out of yourself when you can’t seem to fit your square peg into that round hole!

The media and the images all around us scream;“look like this”and “Be like that”.   If our hair isn’t straight enough or curly enough,if our body isn’t tall enough or short enough,if our skin isn’t light enough or dark enough we look longingly into the mirror and curse ourselves for being what we are.

We fail to see the bodacious amazing person that’s really there and look for someone who isn’t in the mirror.  We long for a body,hair,eyes,skin,features that are not ours. Then we turn a certain age and we come to the realization that no matter who we are,every woman is beautiful! I LOVE THIS AGE!!

It’s great to get older,to have experiences and situations that teach us about true rockin’beauty,the real deal.  Beauty isn’t allowed only if it’s packed into a 5 foot 11 inch anorexic body with huge boobs!  Beauty isn’t about the makeup and about the hair colour or style or about the clothes,that’s all just presentation.  Like a great meal,yes the presentation makes it appealing at the onset but it if tastes like crap presentation means nothing.

True beauty is compassion,loving,peacefulness,heart,smiling,holding dear to your values and not selling out when it doesn’t feel right.  Beauty is about standing up for what you believe,caring for humanity,children and aged,loving the planet,guarding your health,and recognizing the beauty in others.

YOU are a bodacious,vibrant,exciting and beautiful individual.  YOU are the champion of your own life,your world your internal state.  YOU get to choose what beauty is,and the neatest thing in the world is that you’ve always had that choice.  It is all about choice –YOURS!  Be the beauty you are today and show it off,love it,see it in the mirror and celebrate all those things about you as seen by the people who love you.  Take a closer look at YOU!

Now raise a glass to YOU,you beautiful woman!  With age comes beauty,the kind you can truly recognize and see.  The only kind that really makes a difference!

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