OMG I Am A Teenage Boy!!

When you enter your 40’s you’re never quite sure if you’re a woman or a teenage boy!  Really,and it can be devastating,in the beginning!  You shockingly discover your first LONG DARK chest hair and hasten to locate your tweezers to pluck the freakish hair from your body.  That single pluck seems to usher forth a forest of unwelcome hair and you seriously wonder what laser hair removal will do near your breasts!

Then,when you least suspect it,you catch a glimpse of your profile in a mirror and the light is ‘just right’ for you to see the two-inch long single hair sticking out of your neck,but alas,you can’t inconspicuously do a thing about it because you’re trapped in an elevator with 10 other people on your way to the 25th floor!  You wonder how many of them noticed?!  Here’s hoping you find that hair later AND your tweezers – don’t forget the reading glasses and a magnifying mirror!

Do I dare share the topic of facial hair or wait for the shock of unusual body hair to wear off?  YES,I said facial hair – we all knew a mom or two in school who had a fine moustache and we all whispered quietly to each other about the masculinity of it all….. and then….. we find out years later that almost EVERY woman has this facial hair eventually;including us!  So why didn’t we notice?  Because the rest of the moms were trimming,shaving or using expensive creams to remove the darned stuff!

Yes,the forties are much like those of teenage male puberty,but we still have a lot going for us….wisdom of maturity,beauty,strength of character,genuine smiles,heartfelt compassion and a rockin’ future of authentic and genuine US!

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  • Lor

    very brave of you to write this one!!
    I do like the choice of the word “authentic”.. that’s very apt.. we seem to grow into that don’t we??

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