Meri Moments –Oh The Sag Of It All!!

So what if your boobs look like panty-hose with an orange hanging in the toe!

That’s gravity,baby and you earned every drooping,sagging bit of it – Here’s what it means:

A woman who put babies first before self!
Gaining and losing,and gaining and losing but no matter the lbs,looking sexy in every size outfit!
You are finally getting the cleavage you have been dreaming about (if you pack ’em right)!
You have earned each and every little droop through experience and living life!

Any way you look at it – YOU’RE REMARKABLE!

So bear that Décolletage roll those saggy girls up,tuck them into a colourful party bra,and be proud that you belong to an exclusive club of beautiful women who are shaking up the planet with Baby Boomer opportunity never before experienced!

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