Meri Moments –The Party!

Ever have a moment? You know the kind,you’re attending a party and you see a good friend you’ve known for over ten years. The companion beside you is new to the crowd and hanging on to the protected security of your presence. You and your good friend make eye contact,they smile brightly and you return the smile. The room lights up with warmth and the invitation is silently set to meet each other half-way with the kind of energy that only two good friends can share. Your pace lengthens and your arms open in a genuine heartfelt call to embrace and all is as it should be. ‘Hellos’ are shared;a mini catch-up is tossed into the energetic air as you talk about one or two most recent events.

Then suddenly you become aware of the companion at your side,uncomfortably trying to fit into the situation. Silently waiting to be summoned to the conversation,they politely smile,peer back and forth at you and your friend then begin to look uncomfortable for standing in that spot. And yes,it hits you…..

You –Cannot –Remember –Your –Good -Friend’s –Name!

AAAUUUUGGGGHHH;“Where is my brain?” you think to yourself. Then without skipping a beat your mind tries to figure out conversations around the introduction – but you fail. You start by saying to your good friend;“Oh,this is so-and-so…” Then you conveniently drop your purse praying silently that the good friend will finish up the conversation and all they say is;“Oh,hi.”

Now you’re hosed,still down on the floor,you purposely pick your open purse up at the bottom so it spills its glorious content to the floor buying you time as you start to scramble picking up every lipstick tube and used tissue you are now embarrassed to admit everyone in the room can see.

FINALLY,your companion asks for a name – WHEW relief! Thank goodness they figured out you needed help!

Sigh – Welcome to Meri Moments!

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  • catherine hawn

    Congrats on your first menopausal moment blog and I love the website.
    The caricature is dead on!
    My frequent “Meri Penopause moments happen at work as I am rushing from a room with a purpose and walk into the “abyss”as I call where the task has completely dropped from my mind and the only way to retrieve that task is to backtrack to the room with that lost,pissed-off look on my face where upon it all comes back to me in record time.
    There are alot of us in my work space who know what I’m talking about too. So they have a good laugh at my expense as I do to them.
    Everyone gets their turn sooner or later.
    All the best to you and this website and I look forward to hearing more from “Meri Penopause”!

  • Thanks for the great comment –wow –It’s amazing how many times I leave a room on a mission sure in my conviction I’ll get something accomplished only to discover a few minutes later that I can’t for the life of me remember what the heck I was doing…. ah,yes,the Meri Moment!

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