Meri Moments –Can't Sleep!

Their Night!

“Come here and keep me warm.  Now move away,I’m hot –no,not that kind of hot! Say,can you come back here and keep me warm,please?  Augh,move over to your own side,I’m too hot to cuddle.  Sigh,brrr it’s suddenly chilly in here!  Honey,Wake-up,you’re snoring –I noticed it when I awoke in a hot sweat!  Hmmm,can you wake up and hug me,I’m cold?  OOOHHH,please stop breathing on the back of my neck,don’t you know it makes me hot?  Grrr,it is so cold in here,I need to put some socks on!  Uugh,I can’t stand the weight of this blanket,we need to buy a cooler one.”

Her Morning Question

“I’m sorry you didn’t get a good sleep last night,honey,was something bothering you?”

His Response


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