Meri Moments –Belly Math

15 yrs old | no sit ups = a flat belly
• 20’s | 50 sit ups a day + 3 beer = a six-pack belly
• 30’s | 3 kids + 100 sit ups a day + 2 litres of water = a small mixing bowl sized belly and wider hips
• 40’s | high pressure job + 300 sit ups a day + 3 litres of water + starvation diet = large mixing bowl belly,and thick butt
So the honey says as he looks into my eyes that I get more and more beautiful with age,thank goodness because it helps to draw attention away from my middle!

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  • Kate

    LOL,isn’t it the truth? The terrible irony is that I can lose or gain weight REALLY fast…

    But anything I gain goes right to my belly/rear…

    And anything I LOSE comes off everywhere EXCEPT my tummy/rear.

    No fair 🙁

  • It is amazing,isn’t it? What is wild is to have a body-type for an entire life-time and then POOF in one year you have a completely different body type and have not changed a thing…..

    Thanks so much for the great comment!

  • Hi Meri,

    Stumbled across your blog from my Twitter tweeps @aceconcierge and @strategicsense. I am crying from laughter! First I read your “About”page–Bravo for creative intro to you. Then I read this post and my belly started shakin’and my back started aching! What a gr8 “break”for a Monday afternoon of work.

    Keep it real!


  • Marian,
    I’m so happy you rocked on over to the blog and took a peep –having it tweeted is especially nice! Thanks for the ‘About Page’comment,too,it’s fun to have the opportunity to share goofy things about a time in life that can be confusing and a wild ride! Rollercoasters should be travelled with friends,don’t you think?
    Keep on coming back,there’s more to share!

    Meri Moments carrying on!

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