When Your Life Seems Full of Poo

Photo By Marac @ DP challenge

Some days seem pretty crazy

And you don’t know what to do

You take a look around you

And your life seems full of poo.


Some . . . →Read More:When Your Life Seems Full of Poo

Bypassing Your Health

Life is crazy sometimes,you run through this world just trying to get ahead,to make ends meet and for some reason you lose track of time. Then one day you wake up,wander into the bathroom . . . →Read More:Bypassing Your Health

Butt Kicking…

Sometimes life just kicks you in the butt and all you can do is wait for the swelling to go down.

The hardest thing to take is when it kicks you in the butt for the . . . →Read More:Butt Kicking…

Celebrating Tuesday

Did you know that Walt Disney Studios was officially founded on February 8,1926 – I don’t know,it seems to me that all sexy,fun and enlightened women would find cause to celebrate the opening of the very thing that for years kept their . . . →Read More:Celebrating Tuesday

Yoo Hoo,Glasses…

I love glasses,they help me read. Every year they get a little stronger,but the beauty of it is that because they are just for reading…I don’t have to buy expensive ones. . . . →Read More:Yoo Hoo,Glasses…

Meri Penopause on Men

My honey from the day we met has been opening doors,walks on the street-side of the sidewalk and still opens the car door for me every time – and I love it! Men are people just like you and me…It’s okay to get to know someone better,the two of you can investigate if it flow with it and let things unfold as they happen…you don’t have to rush into anything and you don’t have to put up walls either,just be . . . →Read More:Meri Penopause on Men

Old=Old School Etiquette Leading to Respect

respect_sqAs a bride who is no longer in her twenties and edging close to 50 I have to admit,I do like things a bit traditional.

I am not stuffy,by any stretch of the imagination and am . . . →Read More:Old=Old School Etiquette Leading to Respect

Wedding,At My Age?

wedding-cake-topper-bicycleWhat do you think of when you hear the word wedding?

Most folks think of young skinny brides in long flowing dresses and young men in tux and tails. They think of showers and bridesmaids,of a life-time . . . →Read More:Wedding,At My Age?

The Boat Of Life

Let your boat of life be light,packed with only what you need – a homely home and simple pleasures,one or two friends,worth the name,someone to love and someone to love you,a cat,a dog,and a pipe or two,enough to eat and enough to wear,and a little more . . . →Read More:The Boat Of Life

Changing Direction!

When we are young we practice putting things on…

make-up mom’s fancy shoes princess clothes fancy hats

And we look so pretty

Then we get older and we have to work at making things go away:

exfoliating cream foot scrub lazer hair removal (on the face,no less!) wrinkle minimizer

And we look so pretty!

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